Umbria, a Central Italy region, is a land of millenary traditions for the cultivation of olive trees and vines since Etruscan times. Goccia Umbra was born around the hills of Orvieto, a little city of extraordinary artistic and environmental beauties. A company that has been able to combine the re-discovery of the most ancient traditions of cultivation and processing of olives with new technologies, maintaining the authenticity and fragrance of the past. Goccia Umbra was born from the return to the origins and from the paternal heritage of Mrs Marcella Patrizi, who has resumed a family tradition of landowners since 1862. Since 1988 the Company has been offering well-finished packages containing superior quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a series of exclusive excellences, which have established themselves on the domestic and foreign markets. Goccia Umbra markets a wide range of products capable of meeting the needs of: Distributors, Wholesalers, Restaurateurs, Retailers, Gift Selectors and Private Clients.

In May 2015 Doctor Enrico Maria Micheletti took over Goccia Umbra company. The desire for change and the passion for small excellences led him to make this courageous choice, so he moved to Umbria from the big city Turin with great courage and determination, starting a new family run-business. The Micheletti's family has brought a breath of passion and energy to Goccia Umbra, renewing the product lines and expanding the range of excellent products offered, always respecting the tradition and mission that have characterized the company since its origins.

The Micheletti's family: Giulia, Francesco, Simone, Andrea, mom Simona and dad Enrico.

"GOCCIA UMBRA" brand is synonymous with quality for its products

Quality in the production of superior category Italian extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives by mechanical procedures of first cold pressing. The olives used are the cultivars: moraiolo, frantoio, leccino, the most typical of Central Italy.

Quality in the meticulous research of Umbrian and Italian gastronomic traditions with products such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Truffle product, Acacia Honey with White Truffle, Pecorino Cheese with Acacia Honey and Flaked Truffle, Mostarda, Sauces, which tell the best flavours of the Mediterranean diet.

Quality in the packaging, unique and exclusively handmade.

Quality & Price a winning combination for the company, which exports the genuineness of its handcrafted products all over the world, guaranteeing timely delivery.

Goccia Umbra's team at Fuori Expo Milano, 2015.

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