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Quality and excellence

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Umbria is a land of millenary traditions for the cultivation of olive trees and vines since Etruscan times. Around the hills of Orvieto, a city of extraordinary artistic and environmental beauty, Goccia Umbra comes to life.

Our products


In the heart of Italy, a thousand-year-old art of green gold is born: the art of Italian extra virgin olive oil. Since 1988, Goccia Umbra has dedicated its existence to cultivating this passion, transforming it into a symphony of flavors and aromas that has conquered the national and foreign markets.

Goccia Umbra is not just a brand, but a culinary experience that embraces distributors, wholesalers, restaurateurs, retailers, gift selectors and private enthusiasts. Our range of products has been shaped to satisfy the most varied needs, to give every palate a sensorial journey through the authentic taste of Italy.

To those who choose us as a distributor or wholesaler, we offer the certainty of quality products, ready to enter new market territories with the prestige of our signature. For chefs and restaurateurs, we are an ally in the creation of unforgettable dishes, enriched by the uniqueness of our oil. Retailers find in us a reliable partner, capable of winning the hearts of their customers with products that tell a story of tradition and passion.

Our packages become treasure chests of emotions for gift selectors, providing moments of authentic joy. And for our private customers, we represent an invitation to discover the magic of Italian extra virgin olive oil, bringing the beauty and goodness of our land to their table.